The Four Stage Evolution

  • 1. The Early Years

    Logistics Supplier
    Like many event companies, we started life as a logistics-driven agency with a focus on responding to RFPs and implementing client requests. We delivered successful congresses, high-profile meetings and inspiring events,
    but often without fully comprehending – or having the confidence to question – just how they fit into our clients’ overall marketing or business strategy.

  • 2. Rapid Global Expansion

    Creative Agency
    Our ability to ‘make it happen’ and deliver seamless logistics
    soon translated from local success to global growth.
    We began acquiring new offices and brands around the world, adding to our creative capacity and powering a rapid transition from logistics to creative agency. As the competition increased to deliver the most creative events, we continued to surprise our clients with original concepts and innovative meeting design, gaining a reputation for transforming ‘everyday events’ into unforgettable experiences.

  • 3. Industry-Expertise

    Reactive Target-Oriented Agency
    With over 20 years’ experience in the sector, we found ourselves becoming experts in a number of key industries. With no other event agency boasting our breadth of services or international network, we decided to further increase
    the value we bring to our clients by creating global business units dedicated to healthcare, ICT, finance, sport, FMCG,
    and energy and sustainability. Our industry experts were trained to get to the bottom of our clients’ objectives, to offer solutions based on real needs, and to challenge RFPs and client requests when they were convinced that real value could be created with a different approach. As one of the first event agencies to stress the importance of ROI measurement and management, we could also prove to our clients that our new solutions were bringing the results they needed.

  • 4. Strategic Engagement and Activation

    Proactive Result-Oriented Agency
    Today, we’re carving out a new area of expertise – the strategic engagement and activation of audiences – and driving a shift in the industry by moving towards a strategic partnership model. Our experts no longer start conversations by asking clients what events they would
    like to run; instead, they continually challenge our clients to improve all aspects of their live communications and audience engagement, and provide the holistic solutions
    that they need to do so.