Improving Performance

Powering people performance

We create inspirational events and performance improvement programmes to help our clients drive action and inspire real change.

In 2014, our strategic event programmes successfully engaged our clients’ channel partners, customers and members, bringing increased channel sales, greater market share, improved customer loyalty and enhanced membership retention.

Our clients also trusted us to motivate their most important audience: their employees.

From improving staff retention to increasing employee productivity and rewarding top performers, our high-energy events and incentives were just the recipe for powering
people performance in 2014.

Jeunesse World Congress

Energising a Marketing Sales Force

  • The Challenge

    Jeunesse, a US-based specialist in anti-ageing, nutrition and personal care products, is one of the fastest growing direct selling associations in the world.

    Uniting its growing community of sellers through an annual world conference is a key means of communicating vision and values, recognising high performers and demonstrating and reinforcing successful behaviours.

    MCI was brought on board to provide an unforgettable experience to reward over 10,000 online sales representatives at the 2014 Annual World Congress, and to inspire even more impressive results in 2015 and beyond.

  • The Solution

    With 80% of revenues generated in the Asia-Pacific region, Macau was chosen as the destination and the Venetian Arena, offering the capacity and facilities for over 10,000 people, was chosen as the perfect venue.

    The local MCI team delivered a high-energy three-day congress, using a strategic mix of presentations, product launches, prizes, awards, networking and entertainment
    to unite, reward and inspire the sales community.

    Translation services had been problematic for the client in
    the past, but we were able to leverage the Jeunesse QR system to monitor the distribution and return of translation equipment and to ensure the seamless communication of the event in six languages.

    Digital is core to the Jeunesse model, and the event had to represent this connection. We therefore provided a spectacular multimedia show using the Chinese five element theme – fire, water, earth, wood and metal – wowing attendees with digital technology and reinforcing one of the brand’s core strengths.

    A VIP programme of dinners, local shows and chauffeuring services was also constructed for high performers and
    global executives.

  • Results

    The event was the largest in the history of the company,
    and one of the most exciting ever held.

    The 10,000 official delegates brought an additional 1,500 guests to the event, introducing them to the Jeunesse family, the product range, and boosting event product sales.

    Jeunesse was delighted with the results and is looking into working with us on future motivational sales events.

  • Largest event ever held by Jeunesse

  • 10,000+

    Delegates energised

  • 1,500

    Guests introduced to Jeunesse