Enhancing Value

Improving return on investment

Today’s marketing directors, event managers and brand owners have countless options to choose from in terms of live, online and hybrid marketing activities.

At the same time, they face budget cuts and increased pressure to demonstrate the effectiveness of these activities, making it more and more challenging to decide what the best way to reach their target audience really is.

Measuring the business impact of meetings and events, creating more value for attendees and organisers, generating cost-savings and providing insightful data are therefore key objectives for MCI and our clients.

In 2014, we worked with a number of clients across their entire event management process to accurately measure and improve their return on investment, return on objectives and return on engagement, and to reduce the cost of their operations while enhancing their value.


Reducing Costs while Enhancing Value

  • The Challenge

    SWIFT, the leading global provider of secure financial
    messaging services, first engaged MCI in 2012 to provide
    a number of key solutions for its EMEA event portfolio,
    with a focus on reducing operational costs while enhancing the value of its events.

  • The Solution

    Over the past three years, our experts have provided full event management services for SWIFT’s EMEA portfolio, while using a consultative approach to provide solutions that minimise costs, gather key business intelligence data and enhance the quality of the event experience for attendees.

    These solutions have included:

    Bcom Registration Technology: By tailoring our integrated Bcom tool to SWIFT’s specific needs, we enabled the client to delegate the entire registration process. Bcom is now a one-stop shop for registration management and the standardised platform to liaise with delegates, collect revenues, provide registration and financial reporting and gather business intelligence data.

    VAT Management and Recovery: We registered our own VAT numbers in the majority of SWIFT’s host countries and now fully manage the financials of the entire event calendar. Our experts provide regular transparent reconciliation reporting to SWIFT while ensuring both legal compliance and cost-savings.

    Cost Optimisation and Avoidance: In addition to VAT management, we leverage our unique global buying power and preferred partnerships with suppliers around the world to optimise or avoid costs for SWIFT. For example, as its events are subject to political and economic stability and may be cancelled and/or rescheduled at the last minute, we help ensure that SWIFT incurs minimal cancellation costs in these cases.

    Attracting Sponsors and Exhibitors with Communication Campaigns: An interactive brochure targeted at sponsors and exhibitors was designed and produced, providing SWIFT with a unique creative branded selling tool. At the same time, the data collected via Bcom was effectively leveraged to convince exhibitors and sponsors of the tangible benefits of supporting SWIFT’s events.

  • Results

    In 2014, our team managed over 3,000 high-level delegates across 4 regional conferences and 11 business forums
    for SWIFT.

    Bcom’s immediate, accurate and analytical information is vital to building communication campaigns to promote SWIFT’s events and consistently helps track performance and improve future events.

    The Bcom registration system has also considerably improved
    the registration experience for SWIFT’s EMEA event attendees,and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

    In 2014, our full management of the event programme and innovative cost optimisation solutions resulted in over €45,000 in cost avoidance and approximately €25,000 in cost-savings.

    As for future improvements, we are currently working on the ‘Swift Hub’, an innovative new booth set to generate more networking opportunities during upcoming events.

  • 3,000

    Delegates managed across 15 events

  • 45,000

    Cost avoidance

  • 25,000