Message from the CEO

In 1987, MCI was established in Geneva, Switzerland.

At first, we concentrated on building the best logistics agency in the business, delivering seamless solutions to the most complex logistical challenges. Our reputation for world-class meetings and events soon translated from local success to global growth. We began opening offices and acquiring brands. New perspectives enhanced our creativity and reinforced our capacity for innovation.

We began to surprise our clients with original concepts and creative meeting design.  Instead of events, we started delivering unforgettable experiences.

Then, after 20 years in the business and long-term relationships with global clients, we found ourselves becoming experts in a number of industries. We decided to increase the value we bring by further developing this expertise. Industry experts were trained to uncover our clients’ real objectives, to offer solutions based on these needs, and to challenge clients with different approaches.

In 2014, we continued to deliver inspiring meetings and events, but we found that our true value shifted. Our experts no longer started conversations by asking clients what events they would like us to deliver. Instead, they continually challenged clients to improve all aspects of their live communications and audience engagement strategies.

Today, we help clients to meet business objectives and build global communities around their brands by unlocking the potential of face-to-face, hybrid and digital experiences.

Looking back, it’s clear that we’ve moved from delivering capabilities to building possibilities for our clients.

Looking forward, I believe that the meetings and events industry has a huge amount of potential – and I can’t wait to take MCI and the wider industry to the next stage in our exciting evolution.

Sebastien Tondeur
CEO, MCI Group